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Assignment - Behaviorist Journal;Behaviorist's Journal.;Choose a behavior of yours that you would like to try to modify using the principles of behaviorism. Keep it simple and clearly measurable (for example, not "I should exercise more," but "I want to jog one mile a day" ? not, "I don't want to be so shy," but "I want to talk to one new person each day" ? not, "I want better grades," but "I want to study X amount each day"). For three days, merely record the frequency that the behavior is occurring naturally. How often, at what times, and under what circumstances, do you engage in the behavior? What are the good consequences of the behavior, and what are the bad consequences? If the behavior is a currently non-existent one that you want to establish, go straight to "identifying positive reinforcers.;Beginning on the fourth day, note the discriminative stimuli (i.e., recurring patterns of circumstances surrounding or triggering the behavior) you have recorded. Continue to observe behavioral frequency and note the stimuli and consequences through day 7 of your journal. For example, some people only smoke when visiting with certain acquaintances, or only snack while watching television. Limiting or eliminating those cues may help in changing the target behavior.;Identify positive reinforcers for you (anything that makes you feel good ? reading a good book, talking with a friend, taking a relaxing bath, playing a favorite game). Choose one that seems likely to have an impact upon the behavior you wish to change, then establish a schedule of reinforcement. For example, "I get to do X only after I have read one chapter in my textbook.;If at all possible, find someone to support you in your efforts. Your classmates might be a natural place to look for such support, as they will all be in the same boat. Changing established behavior patterns is often very difficult, and it can help greatly to have someone to keep you on the right track and committed (this is the idea behind the "Sponsors" of Alcoholics Anonymous).;Finally, keep track of your progress toward your goal. If none is noted, try finding a more powerful reinforcer. Gradually change from continuous from partial reinforcement as the target behavior pattern becomes established, with the eventual goal of eliminating the external reinforcer.;Use a text or word processing software such as Microsoft Word to write your journal. When complete, submit it as an attachment in the Assignment Tool Submission area below.


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