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LAWS20029 - CORPORATE LAW;TERM 3 2014 ASSIGNMENT;Marks;30% of theoverallassessmentfor thecourse;Submission;Onlinevia Moodle;Format;One file in.docor.docx (MSWord) format.;Submissions in anyother file format( willbe treated asa;non-submission.;Due date;11.45pm, 11 December 2014 (Week 6);Word limit;Word limits are set out for each question;(The marker willstop readingafter the limitis reached).;Extensions policy;The university policy on extensions of time will be strictly enforced. Extensions of time will only;be considered if made via the online system and usually must be based on medical or;compassionate grounds. Any extension application should be made before the time limit for the;submission has passed. Medical conditions must be supported by a medical certificate, and since;students are expected to start the assignment early, temporary or last-minute conditions are not an;automatic ground for an extension. Professionals are expected to organise and manage their time;to meet their obligations, so work or personal commitments are usually insufficient grounds for an;extension.;Plagiarism;The universitys plagiarism policy will also be strictly enforced (and in the past, plagiarism;incident reports have been issued in this course). If plagiarism is found, a likely result will be zero;marks.;THE ASSIGNMENT DETAIL IS ON THE NEXT PAGE;Facts;Joe is a taxi driver. He reaches an agreement with Ann, who owns a taxi, on these terms;At times to be agreed, Joe can pick up the taxi from Ann, who will deliver it with a tank;full of fuel, in a clean condition and in proper repair.;Joe can then drive the taxi for profit-making purposes for a maximum 12-hour shift;charging standard taxi rates, and using the radio system which Ann pays for at her own;expense.;During the shift, Joe will be entitled to buy petrol for the taxi out of the takings from the;taxi fares.;Joe must return the taxi to Ann no later than the 12-hour limit, in a clean condition and;with the fuel tank full.;The balance of Joes takings (after fuel costs) will be shared between Joe and Ann 50/50.;Ann will be responsible to pay for all other expenses of running the taxi, including taxi;licence renewals, repairs and maintenance, insurances, etc.;Question 1 (15 marks - maximum 1000 words);Provide a legal argument for why this is NOT a partnership under the Partnership Act 1891 (Qld).;Question 2 (10 marks - maximum 600 words);Apply the three certainties to demonstrate why this agreement does NOT create a trust.;Presentation (5 marks);A mark between 0 and 5 is available for the professional qualities of your work. It includes things;like: structure and formatting with consistent headings, fonts and page numbering, spell-checking;logical flow of explanations, conciseness and relevance, general readability. Your answers must;be expressed in your own words. You will not receive marks for copying slabs of text with no;attempt to summarise.


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