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Explain the notion of eudaimonia




1. Explain the notion of eudaimonia (as discussed by Athanassoulis;from our reading schedule). What relationship does eudaimonia;have with the virtues? What relationship does eudaimonia have;with the vices? Explain and give examples. Explain how this;notion of virtue ethics can be applied to contemporary business;society? Be explicit.;2. Explain any two of the three objections presented against Virtue;Ethics in the Athanassoulis reading (from our course reading;schedule). Be sure to provide your own examples when you explain;the substance of each objection. Conclude your essay with;outlining a reply (or answer) to one of the objections you;discuss (i.e., answer on behalf of the virtue ethicist why the;objection can be dismissed or disregarded). Support your insight;and give details.


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