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You will receive another student's responses to the interview questions.




You will receive another student's responses to the interview questions. Based only upon;the responses to the questions provided, submit your response to me via email in deciding;whether or not to bring in the candidate for an interview with Wal-Mart. You know that;there are currently 20 candidates that need to be rank ordered. For example, if you;determine that the company should continue looking for candidates before a decision is;made on the information that you are reviewing, you would rank the candidate on a scale;from 11 to 15 based upon the strength of their responses to the interview questions. In this;situation, you received this information from one screening interview conducted by HR.;You receive screening interview information as soon as any screening interview has been;completed.;1. Schedule an interview as soon as possible (Rank between 1 and 5);2. A strong candidate that should be considered after reviewing all candidate;screening. At this time plan on scheduling an interview. (Rank between 6 and 10);3. Let's continue identifying candidates and then consider this application again. (Rank;between 11 and 15);4. Do not bring in for an interview;In answering this question, please provide a summary response to HR on why you made;the decision that you did regarding this candidate for a position with Wal-Mart.


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