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The order-writing department at the Winston Beauch...




The order-writing department at the Winston Beauchamp Company is managed by Alan Most. The department keeps two types of computer files:(1) a customer file of authorized credit customers and (2) a product file of items currently sold by the company. Both of these files are direct-access files stored on magnetic disks. Customer orders are handwritten on order forms with the Winston Beauchamp name at the top of the form, and item lines for quantity, item number, and total amount desired for each product ordered by the customer. When customer orders are received, Alan Most directs someone to input the information at one of the department's computer terminals. After the information has been input, the computer program immediately adds the information to a computerized "order" file and prepares five copies of the customer order. The first copy is sent back to Alan's department; the others are sent elsewhere. Design a system flowchart that documents the accounting data processing described here. Also, draw a data flow diagram showing a logical view of the system,Thank you! I'm waiting for your answer.


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