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Briefly, in 3 - 5 complete sentences,




Briefly, in 3 - 5 complete sentences, answer four (4) of the following six (6) questions, using examples where appropriate. Each answer is worth 5 points for a total of 20 points.;1. What is Locke?s ?brave soldier? example and what is it intended to show?;2. What is the ?Cartesian circle??;3. What does Peter Strawson say about the objective view of persons, and what is his worry about this view?;4. What is the ?dilemma of determinism??;5. What does Blackburn mean when he talks about an asymmetry between the past and the future in terms of ?crispness? in how we think about ourselves?;6. State the metaphor of Neurath?s boat, and explain what it is intended to show.


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