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specifying a specific type of evidence.




Answer the following questions, without specifying a specific type of evidence.;1. How far down in the trace layers does an investigator want to go?;2. What is the only way that glass can be individual evidence instead of class evidence? What;about hairs: how can you individualize them? And, last, how do you individualize fibers?;3. How often should you collect alibi samples?;1. Discuss the proper collection of evidence at the origin of a fire that is suspected of being;initiated by gasoline. Describe the proper submission of controls for laboratory examination.;2. What are the two classes of high explosives? What is the difference between the two;classes?;3. What are some common household items that can be mistaken for accelerants?;4. If you have a positive GSR, does that mean that you have recently shot a firearm?;a. Discuss the physical evidence presented in this case.;Also, please discuss the following two topics;b. Please comment on the probability determination used in this trial. Did you think it was;too conservative, not conservative enough, or just right?;c. Do you think the fiber evidence was enough to convict Mr. Williams? Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: answer the questions. part c requires reading the pdf document attached. Please re-read for readability and grammatical rerros. Each answer should be like two paragraphs.


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