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Modern forensic science




Modern forensic science should make it impossible to commit murder and get away with it. But how easy would it be to outfox the detectives? With the help of top forensic scientists, and real-life murder investigations, we explore whether it's possible to commit a perfect murder. Interviewing a number of experts, the program examines this and many other types of murder, from poisonings to accidental deaths. They explain the techniques used to discover time and cause of death - revealing just how much can be unlocked from seemingly small amounts of information. Key specialists in their fields show how a genuine suicidal hanging can be distinguished from a murderous one and how just a few maggots can help identify the time of death.;Prepare a 1-2 page essay on the theory that one can commit the perfect murder. Please consider where the perfect murder can be committed and how current forensic science plays a part in allowing the perfect murder to succeed or not. You may include any personal impressions of the video watched. Be sure to thoroughly review your essay prior to its submission and include in-text citations and references when appropriate.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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