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Case Study Project;This project will require that you read several documents. This case study document describes;a situation in a fictional jail and includes (a) a policy and procedure directive pertaining to that;situation (located below), and (b) an appellate court decision that may pertain to that situation;(Carter v. State).;The student will write a report that addresses the following;(a)an assessment whether the policy and procedure was properly applied in that situation;(b)an assessment whether and to what extent the appellate court decision pertains to that;situation;(c) An assessment whether and to what extent the policy and procedure should be changed in;light of the appellate court decision.;Project Requirements;Based on the following description, the policy and procedure directive, and the appellate;court decision, your report must address;Case law and/or institutional policy directives that support or condemn the actions;taken in the situation description;The consequences of the actions taken by the jail staff and/or the prosecutors office;The likely outcomes of the described situation and the basis for these outcomes.;(Caution: Stick to the facts presented. While certain logical extensions of these facts as;presented is permitted, you may not include persons, actions, rules or laws not provided in the;information provided. Also, there is no value in repeating in your paper significant parts of the;information already provided in the Project Description.);Description of Situation;This situation takes place at the fictional Adelphi County Jail in Maryland, where Jack Jones is;being confined while awaiting trial on charges that he murdered Bob and Mary Smith (the;elderly couple living next door) and buried their bodies in a deserted industrial park nearby. The;criminal case has enjoyed a lot of local publicity because inmate Jones was the Countys;youngest Eagle Scout, Mr. Smith was his Scout Leader, and the bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Smith;have not yet been found.;Inmate Jones shares a cell at the Adelphi County Jail with inmate Joe Johnson, who has been;suspected by Correctional Officer Anderson of selling contraband cigarettes to other inmates.;Officer Anderson shares his suspicions with Sgt. Belker, and the two of them approach the Jail;Shift Commander about arranging for a random search of inmate Johnsons cell. The Shift;Commander approves the random cell search.;Sgt. Belker and Officer Anderson proceed to the cell shared by inmates Johnson and;Jones. Inmate Johnson is present in the cell, inmate Jones is in the gymnasium playing;basketball with other inmates. Officer Anderson removes inmate Johnson from the cell and;begins to search the cell with Sgt. Belker. When inmate Johnson asks twice whats going on;Sgt. Belker calls the housing unit supervisor on his radio and asks that inmate Johnson be taken;to the dayroom. Correctional Officer Casey arrives and escorts inmate Johnson to the dayroom.;Sgt. Belker and Officer Anderson inspect inmate Joness television and inmate Johnsons CD;player and typewriter and find nothing unusual, but the antenna snaps off the television as Sgt.;Belker replaces it on the shelf. They inspect the inmates clothing and footwear and find nothing;unusual, although a sneaker falls into the cell toilet. They inspect a drawer full of commissary;snacks, opening five apparently unopened bags of potato chips in the process, and they;discover contraband cigarette papers inside one of the potato chip bags. Officer Anderson;continues the search by looking through a box of books and papers. Included in the hundreds;of pages of papers in the box is a sheet of paper with a crude drawing of what appears to be a;local industrial park and a prominent X drawn alongside one of the industrial buildings. Officer;Anderson asks Sgt. Belker if inmate Jones isnt the inmate charged with murdering the elderly;couple and burying their bodies in an industrial park. Sgt. Belker replies that he thinks he;is. Officer Anderson removes the sheet of paper from the box, folds it, and puts it in his pocket.;On his way home after the conclusion of his shift, Officer Anderson stops at the States;Attorneys Office and leaves the folded sheet of paper with his cousin, who is a Staff;Investigator, after explaining how and where he found it. The Staff Investigator passes the;sheet of paper along to the Assistant States Attorney handling the murder case against Jack;Jones. The sheet of paper is used as evidence in the subsequent murder trial, and Jack Jones;is convicted of first degree murder.;Adelphi County Jail Policy and Procedure Directive: Inmate Cell Searches;A. An inmate cell search shall be conducted;(1) routinely, or;(2) randomly when directed by the Shift Commander;(3) when an inmate residing in that cell is suspected of possessing contraband.;B. An inmate cell search shall be conducted as follows;(1) Any inmate in the cell shall be removed from the area.;(2) All bedding will be removed and thoroughly inspected for contraband.;(3) All inmate appliances, clothing, footwear, and commissary products will be closely inspected;to ensure that they are not being used to hide contraband.;(4) All inmate books, magazines, and other papers will be closely inspected to ensure that they;are within the limit for paper materials (1 cubic foot maximum), they are not being used to hide;contraband, and they do not contain evidence of a planned escape, disturbance, or other crime.;(5) Any item of contraband shall be confiscated.;Appellate Court Decision: Carter v. State (provided separately);(Google Carter V State);Format Requirements;Paper should be a minimum of 1,250 words (or five pages) in APA format;Double space;12 pt. font;1 margins;Use APA citations for all sources;Include reference page using APA format guidelines (not included in word count);Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: NO COPY AND PASTE, NO PLAGIARISM. THIS IS GOING THROUGH TURNITIN.COM AND IT WILL BE CHECKED FOR ORIGINALITY. IF YOU KNOW YOU WILL DO A CRAPPY JOB DO NOT PICK UP THIS QUESTION AND I WILL NOT PAY AN OUTRAGEOUS AMOUNT FOR THIS. IF YOU PRICE IS FAIR AND YOU DO WELL YOU WILL BECOME A PREFERRED TUTOR AND WILL GET MORE WORK. !!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO WARN AGAIN, NO PLAGIARISM NO COPY AND PASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M VERY STERN ON THE PLAGIARISM


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