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several remedies that inmates may seek when filing a suit




1. List and briefly discuss several remedies that inmates may seek when filing a suit for;violations of constitutional rights.;2. Discuss the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA).;3. What are some rights that prisoners maintain while incarcerated?;4. In Procunier v. Martinez, they challenged their First Amendment Right of Freedom of;Speech. What did the Supreme Court decide in this case? Do you agree or disagree;with the decision, and why?;5. List/Discuss case law relevant to the Fourth Amendment.;6. Discuss the prison industries program. How do inmates benefit from such;programming?;7. Discuss Washington v. Harper. Do you agree or disagree with the Supreme Court;decision? Why?;8. Explain how the context of the Eighth Amendment is generally claimed by inmates.;9. In your opinion, which case decided by the Supreme Court, do you think was the most;controversial in regards to inmates rights while incarcerated? Why?;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: Each question the answer should be 150 words minimum. This is needed ASAP. I have more stuff for you.


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