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Here is a short item on a controversial subject




Here is a short item on a controversial subject ? one in which you may have a personal interest or investment;Since the attacks on American targets happened on September 11, 2001, Americans have been required by their government and by social pressure to give up or limit certain freedoms that they formerly took for granted. Americans now must endure onerous security checks at airports, have their communications and library records monitored through secret warrants, even in some instances give up the right to habeas corpus. The argument in favor of these actions has been that Americans must sacrifice some civil liberties to obtain security, especially in a time of war. Opponents argue that such intrusions amount to an unjustified abuse and extension of government power.;Your task for this assignment is to take a position on the controversy and write it up rhetorically.;Be sure to include the following in your paper.;Use whatever rhetorical devices you want from Chapters 5, 6, and 7 of the textbook, and you may add as many as you wish. Then add a paragraph at the end in which you label the rhetorical devices you chose and why they were helpful and important to you. If you brought in outside research, be sure to include a works cited section at the very end employing DeVry's standard for APA citations.


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