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An internal office memorandum




Question 1 of 21 5.0 Points;An internal office memorandum may have different purposes and functions.;A. True;B. False;Question 2 of 21 5.0 Points;An internal memorandum of law is an objective document?;A. True;B. False;Question 3 of 21 5.0 Points;An internal legal memo analyzes the law as it relates to the client's matter?;A. True;B. False;Question 4 of 21 5.0 Points;The format of an internal memorandum will not vary from project to project?;A. True;B. False;Question 5 of 21 5.0 Points;Before writing an internal memorandum of law, always verify the status of the law?;A. True;B. False;Question 6 of 21 5.0 Points;A heading must identify the subject matter of a memorandum?;A. True;B. False;Question 7 of 21 5.0 Points;When drafting the issue for the internal memorandum of law, be sure to use persuasive;language?;A. True;B. False;Question 8 of 21 5.0 Points;In order to frame the issues properly, you must understand the facts and the relevant;substantive law?;A. True;B. False;Question 9 of 21 5.0 Points;The best approach when presented with multiple issues in a memorandum is to address each;issue separately?;A. True;B. False;Question 10 of 21 5.0 Points;The short summary of the conclusion may actually be several pages long.;A. True;B. False;Question 11 of 21 5.0 Points;The ___________________ _____ is the culmination of the memorandum.;A.Issue;B.Analysis;C.Discussion;D.Conclusion;Question 12 of 21 5.0 Points;The_______ section is the heart of the legal memorandum.;A.Issue;B.Statement of Facts.;C.Discussion;D.Conclusion.;Question 13 of 21 5.0 Points;Which of the following is not a typical component of most internal memorandum?;A.Heading;B.Reference Section.;C.Statement of Issues Presented.;D.Statement of Facts.;Question 14 of 21 5.0 Points;What are the parts of a legal memo?;Question 15 of 21 0.0 Points;The "A" in IRAC stands for ___________________ _________?;A.Analysis;B.Arguments;C.Adversary;D.Attorneys.;Question 16 of 21 5.0 Points;Attorney-client privilege is the legal relationship established between an attorney and client and;allows for the free exchange of information without fear of disclosure?;A. True;B. False;Question 17 of 21 5.0 Points;The facts set forth in the internal memorandum of law should neither be embellished nor;downplayed.;A. True;B. False;Question 18 of 21 5.0 Points;Quotations from cases should not be used in an internal memorandum of law?;A. True;B. False;Question 19 of 21 5.0 Points;The conclusion section of an internal memorandum should never recommend a course of;action?;A. True;B. False;Question 20 of 21 5.0 Points;Individual facts are deemed legally ___________________ _ if they are necessary for an;understanding of, or have an impact upon the conclusion drawn.;A.Objective;B.Immaterial;C.Precise;D.Significant;Question 21 of 21 5.0 Points;The purpose of the discussion and analysis section of the internal memorandum is to objectively;discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case?;A. True;B. FalseMin Pages: 4;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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