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use a powerful microscope to count individual atoms of vanadium (V




Chem 1410 (Pecak);Take home quiz #4;Due: 10/8/14 Name;Show all the work. Use scrap paper if needed, staple it to the quiz. (No work = No grade);1) A really really mean chemistry instructor makes his student use a powerful microscope to count individual;atoms of vanadium (V). If the student counted 2.78 x1027 atoms;a. How many moles of vanadium do they have?;b. How many grams of vanadium is this?;2) Morphine has the chemical formula C17H19NO3, find the mass percent of each element in morphine.;3) A compound is found to be 74.02% carbon, 8.71% hydrogen, and 17.27% nitrogen.;3A) Find the empirical formula.;3B) If the molecular weight for the compound in question 3A is 162.26 g/mol, find the molecular formula.;Over;#4-8) For the following word equations, give me a balanced chemical equation, and then identify the reaction;as single/double replacement, decomposition, combination, or neutralization reaction.;4) nitrous acid reacts with magnesium hydroxide to form magnesium nitrite and water;5) chromium reacts with fluorine to form chromium(III) fluoride;6) lithium reacts with lead(IV) nitrate to form lithium nitrate and lead;7) sodium perchlorate when heated forms sodium chloride and oxygen;8) nickel(III) nitrate reacts with potassium chromate to form potassium nitrate and nickel(III) chromate;For the following three single replacement reactions, use the activity series to determine if a reaction will;occur. If no reaction occurs, write NR. If a reaction will occur, determine the products and balance the;equation.;9);Sn(NO3)4 +;10);AlCl3;11);Au(NO3)3;Na;+ Ni;+;Mg;For the following two double replacement reactions, determine the products, balance the reaction, then using;the solubility rules, determine which compounds are soluble in water (check products and reactants) and give;their state as either (aq) or (s).;12) titanium(IV) chloride reacts with ammonium phosphate;13) sodium sulfide reacts with chromium(III) chloride;Over


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