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Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever




I need a Pamphlet written on the dengue virus. it's need to be done as a pamphlet not a paper. I've uploaded the instructions and the outline to go by. Two more sources need to found as well. I have three in the outline already.;Attachments Preview;Dengue Pamphlet Outline.pdf Download Attachment;Outline;Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever;1. Overview of what is Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever;a. Transmitted by Aedes mosquitos.;b. Prevalent in warm humid climates.;2. Symptoms;a. Sudden, high fever;b. Severe headaches;c. Pain behind the eyes;d. Severe joint and muscle pain;e. Nausea;f. Vomiting;g. Skin rash, which appears three to four days after the onset of fever;h. Mild bleeding (such a nose bleed, bleeding gums, or easy bruising);3. Risk factors;a. Flu like symptoms can lead to mistreatment of the disease due to immediate;care not sought after.;b. Severe bleeding can lead to shock, even death.;c. Shock and death occur with subsequent exposure to dengue, not initial;exposure.;4. Treatment;a. Treatment of symptoms (pain, bleeding, and fever) until they subside.;b. No direct medication or treatment for Dengue.;5. Prevention;a. Remove standing water.;b. Bug repellant spray.;c. No current vaccinations are approved for public use.;6. Diagnostics;a. Blood serum testing for Dengue exposure and antibodies.;7. Current Research and Development;a. Development of tetravalent vaccines for all Dengue seroptypes.;b. Genomic therapeutic treatment.;References;Messier et al. (2013). Dengue virus envelope protein domain I/II hinge determines long-lived serotypespecific dengue immunity. PNAS, 1-6.;Matheus, S. (2014). Kinetics of Dengue Non-Structural Protein 1 Antigen and IgM and IgA Antibodies in;Capillary Blood Samples from Confirmed Dengue Patients. Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg., 438-443.;WebMD. (2014, June 20). Dengue Fever. Retrieved from WebMD:


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