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This is a three part assignment. Can you complete the first assignment by 11 October? The second is by;17 October and the final by 22 October. Please advise on what is needed. Thank you.;Part 1 of the Research Paper includes both an overview of the research project and an Annotated;Bibliography. In the overview section, students must identify the criminological theory that will serve as the;basis for their research project and briefly describe how that theory explains why individuals decide to;commit crimes. The overview section should be no more than two pages in length.;The Annotated Bibliography must include a minimum of six scholarly resources that the student plans to;utilize in the Research Paper. Each resource must be formatted per APA (6 th ed.) guidelines, include a;brief description of the information included in the resource, and why it is relevant to the research paper.;Students will be allowed to utilize more scholarly resources in the Final Research Paper as appropriate.;The intent of the Annotated Bibliography is to demonstrate that the student is headed in the right direction;with his or her research for the paper. Part 1 of the Research Paper should be approximately four-five;pages in length (a two page overview and two-three page Annotated Bibliography), not counting the cover;and reference pages. Please review the general guidelines for papers to obtain a description of other;formatting requirements Information about accessing the Blackboard Grading Rubric for this assignment;is provided below.;Part 2 of the Research Paper includes the section focused upon the selected criminological theory. In this;section, students will (1) discuss the foundations and principles of the theory, (2) compare and contrast;the theory to at least two other criminological theories, and (3) discuss why this theory was selected to;explain why an individual decides to commit crime as well as how the theory assists criminal justice;professionals in understanding criminal activity. Please note that students are only explaining why the;theory was selected in the last part of this section. A full discussion on the topics highlighted in item three;(3) above shows what will be included in the final paper. In addition to the textbook, students must;incorporate at least four additional scholarly resources as part of their discussion about the selected;criminological theory. Part 2 of the Research Paper should be five-seven pages in length, not counting the;cover and reference pages.;The Final Research Paper will consist of the following components: (1) overview section submitted during;unit iii, (2) criminological theory section submitted during unit v, and (3) evaluation of how the selected;theory impacts an individuals decision to commit crime and how it assists criminal justice professionals in;understanding criminal activity. Information presented in each section should be supported with scholarly;resources. Sections of the Final Research Paper that were previously submitted in Units III and V must;include any updates that were recommended by the course instructor through his or her feedback. The;final section of the paper (Section 3: Evaluation) will be created and submitted with the final draft.;While the level of detail in each section of the Research Paper will vary, it is anticipated that Section 3 will;be approximately three-five pages in length. This should result in a Final Research Paper (Parts 1, 2, and;3) that is 1014 pages in length, not counting the cover and reference pages. Please review the general;guidelines for papers to obtain a description of other formatting requirements.


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