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What causes diabetes insipidus?




Other Requirements: Here is the background information for my questions. Mr. Gutteman, a 70 year old male was brought into the ER in a comatose state. He had suffered severe head trauma. His scalp was badly lacerated and he has an impacted skull fracture. his fracture was repaired. On the second day of his hospitalization, the aide reports taht Mr. Guttemann: is breathing irregularly, his skin is dry and flaccid, and that sh has emptied his urine reservoir several times during the day. Mr. Gutteman's blood and urine tests are negative for glucose and ketones. He is found to be losing huge amounts of water in urine and the volume lost is being routinely replaced (via IV line).;My questions are;1) What do you think could have caused this?;2) if it were do to a lesion, where would the lesion be located?;3) Why would Mr. Gutterman's water balance be challenging if the lesion is located in the hypothalamus?


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