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Can you write an external executive summary for Verizon communications. It includes the steep and the porters. It shouldn't be specific to Verizon but be about the communication industry as a whole.;Timestamp;Untitled Question;Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS Table);Identifiers Internal Factors;The Verizon Innovation Program is designed to help our ecosystem of;Weight Rating;Weighted Score;Comments;collaborating companies take wireless technology out of the phone and;S1;S2;S3;S4;S5;S6;S7;Strengths;Global Ecosystem;Employee Training Programs;Real-time applications;Reliable and largest network;Joint Ventures;100% fiber-optic network;Financial Position;S8;S9;S10;Unforgettable slogan;Updated Technology;Corporate governance;0.05;0.10;0.10;4;4;3;0.20;0.40;0.30;integrate it into things unlike phonesdelivering solutions in transportation;healthcare, green energy, education, quality training to their employees.;It's important that Verizon provides wearable computing, and much more.;Employees directly interact with customers, thus impacting revenues.;Verizon is the leader in real-time applications. largest in the United States;The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network is the enjoy matching download and;With FiOS Internet SpeedMatchSM, customers;delivering service at speeds up to50/50 Mbps. Giving them the power to;upload speeds averaging around 10 times faster than 3G.;Verizon has bought out Vodafone's stake in their joint venture. It now has full;stream movies, play games or upload their favorite pictures, videos and stay;ownership of video chat. Verizon is the only one that's 100% fiber-optic.;connect over the U.S. wireless industry leader in network performance;profitability and cash flow. it is not possible for all to acheive financial;In such a competitive market;growth, however, Verizon has had an increase in revuenue of 4.7 billion;The concept 2012 to 2013;dollars from is said to be inspired by the company's core belief that Verizon;technology helps make people stronger and gives them the power to change;the world.;Mr. McAdams is the current CEO and chairman of the Board. All other;Verizon use resources are independent outsider directors. There;members of the Board to stay afloat with its updated technology is also a lead;director.;W1;W2;W3;W4;Weakness;Subscription-based services (Rhapsody);Calendar of human resource events;Cost of service plans;Video & High bandwidth services;0.03;0.01;0.04;0.01;2;1;2;1;0.06;0.01;0.08;0.01;Many wireless providers offer the smae service for the same price.;Poor methods for recruitment of human labor.;Verizon offers various plans that are highly expensive;Verizon delivers similar servcies as its competitors.;Total;1.00;0.15;0.10;0.03;0.15;0.05;0.10;0.08;4;5;5;5;5;5;4;0.60;0.50;0.15;0.75;0.25;0.50;0.32;4.13;Strategic Factors Analysis Summary (SFAS);Strategic Factors;Weight;Rating;Weighted Score;Short;X;S1;S2;Global Ecosystem;Employee Training Programs;0.10;0.05;4;5;0.40;0.25;S4;S6;W1;W3;W4;Reliable and largest network;100% fiber-optic network;0.10;0.05;0.03;0.04;5;5;2;2;0.50;0.25;0.06;0.08;O1;O2;O4;O5;O6;T2;T3;T6;Gen Y's economic prospects will change the workplace.;Growth rate of population is steadily increasing;Invest in automated machines and robots to replace workers.;US GDP is increasing within the next 5 years;Energy Efficiency is increasing in the industry.;Unemployment Levels is moderate.;Interest Rates highly competitive, with many alternative;The industry isare high.;providers, giving customers a wide choice of suppliers.;0.01;0.1;0.05;0.05;0.08;0.08;0.08;0.08;0.10;1.00;1;5;5;3;4;5;2;3;5.00;0.01;0.75;0.50;0.30;0.32;0.50;0.20;0.24;0.50;4.86;Subscription-based services (Rhapsody);Cost of service plans;Video & High bandwidth services;Duration;Intermediate;Long;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;X;x;The Verizon Innovation Program is designed to help our ecosystem;of collaborating companies Comments technology out of the;take wireless;phone and integrate it into things unlike phonesdelivering;solutions in transportation, provides quality training to their;healthcare, green energy, education;It's important that Verizon;wearable computing, and much more.customers enjoy matching;With FiOS Employees directly interact with customers, thus;employees. Internet SpeedMatchSM;download and upload speeds averaging around 50/50 Mbps.;impacting revenues. 4G LTE network is the largest in the United;The Verizon Wireless to stream movies, play games or upload;Giving them the power;States, delivering service at speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G.;their favorite pictures, videos and stay connect over video chat.;Verizon is the only one that's 100% fiber-optic.;Many wireless providers offer the smae service for the same price.;Verizon offers various plans that are highly expensive;Verizon delivers similar servciestechnology, which means;Younger excutives use more as its competitors.;opportunity growth for industry. number of wireless;As the population increase, the;customers will increase, providing more industry opportunity.;Decrease cost of labor and human errors.;Establishing resources to accomadate the environment will;Increase consumer spending in this industry.;reduce power consumption and create energy saving;techniques. The are partnered with energy star.;Customers will spend on only the necessities;The future position of Interest rates is unpredictable and may;be good or have many different;Consumersbad for the Industry options for wireless;services.;Strengths (S);S1;S2;S3;S4;S5;S6;S7;S8;S9;Global Ecosystem;Employee Training Programs;Real-time applications;Reliable and largest network;Joint Ventures;100% fiber-optic network;Financial Position;Unforgettable slogan;Updated Technology;Weakness (W);W1 Subscription-based services (Rhapsody);W2 Human resource recruitment events;W3 Cost of service plans;W4 Video & High bandwidth services;S10 Corporate governance;Opportunities (O);O1 Gen Y's economic prospects will change the workplace.;O2 Growth rate of population is steadily increasing;SO Strategies;Verizon can create a joint venture with Virgin Galactic to improve the network;communication service in commercial space travel using their global ecosystem.;With the economic prospects of Generation Y, Verizon can better their financial position;through the knowledge and innovation of that generation.;O3;O4;O5;O6;O7;Investments in updated technology to increase energy and operation efficiency.;With the population growth rate increasing, verizon's has the opportunity to further;expand as the largest and most reliable network.;Use of network communication services to assist in commercial space travel;Invest in automated machines and robots to replace workers.;Energy Efficiency is increasing in the industry.;The growth rates and revenue over the years shows that the industry is profitable.;Going green is a notation that is increasing in the telecommunication industry.;Threats (T);T1 The speed of aging is rapidly arising.;T2 Unemployment Levels is moderate.;ST Strategies their financial position to create products and services to cater to the;Verizon can use;rapidlythe industry is highly competitive, Verizon can use its Fiber optic network to;Since growing aging community;differentiate them from their competitors.;T3 Interest Rates are high.;T4 Cell phone usage while driving.;Catchy marketing campaigns to deter the use of cell phone while driving and at school.;With the growth of real time applications, Verizon could create an app that recognizes;T5 Usage of cellphones in school zone.;when you are in motion to reduce the usage of cellphones while driving.;T6 The industry is highly competitive, with many alternative providers, giving customers;a wide choice to change providers - competitors in this industry provide the same;T7 Low cost of suppliers.;services.;WO Strategies;Verizon can take advantage of the industry profitability by adding an additional feature to;The use of robots and automated machines can overcome the poor recruitment;their subscription-based, video & high bandwidth services as well as decrease their price;activities.;by 1% for these services to give themselves a competitive advantage in this area.;WT Strategies;Verizon can improve Verizon is already the fastest and most the unemployment levels.;service due to pSincetheir recruitment methods to help reduce reliable network, they can;reduce their service plan costs to avoid customers from switching from their rice.;Inventory of Resources, Capabilities, and Competencies with VIRO Analysis;*** Highlighted Items are strengths (green) and weakness (red) on IFAS.;Activity 1:Marketing and Sales;Resources;Volunteer Hours for employees awarded for 50 hours or more;Highly qualified staff with experts such as engineers, scientists, lawyers, and builders.;Technology is updated on a consistent basis;Value;Rareness Inimitable Organization;VRIO sum;Comments;8;8;8;6;5;5;6;4;5;8;7;7;28;24;25;The resource rating is high it motivates the employees.;The resource rating is medium;The efficiency of technology is important so this rating is high;7;8;4;8;6;5;7;6;6;4;7;5;8;7;7;6;27;24;25;25;The capability rating is high.;The capability rating is medium reliability for the customers.;This impacts their competitive advantage.;Good customer service skills medium rating.;8;8;7;6;6;4;5;5;4;7;8;6;26;27;21;8;7;7;10;32;The competency rate is medium.;This is one of the company strength the rating is high.;This rating is low;The rating is high this gives the company a competitive advantage.;10;6;4;9;29;9;2;2;5;18;Total number of Verizon Wireless retail customers 90.7 million (Statistic Brain;2012).;10;5;4;9;28;Total number of Verizon Wireless wholesale and other customers 17 million (Statistic;Brain, 2012).;10;7;6;8;31;9;8;6;8;31;Capabilities;Promoting the mobile app through advertising.;4G Lte Network and its reliability;Customer plans are expensive;Strong Customer support team;Competencies;Build the best 4g network in the country;Reliability;Working with strategic partners;Innovation is a core competency;Activity 2: Service;Resources;Verizon Wireless has 107.7 million customers (Statistic Brain, 2012).;Verizon has 195,400 employees (Statistic Brain, 2012).;Average number of calls connected per day 1 Billion (Statistic Brain, 2012).;Total number of text messages sent annually by Verizon Wireless customers 780;billion (Statistic Brain, 2012).;The customers matter.;Employees help accomplish the goal, but the training for new staff is;also easily accomplished.;The customers matter.;The customers matter.;The more calls are made, the more service Verizon provides.;The more texts are made, the more service Verizon provides.;9;5;4;7;25;Verizon Wireless' slogan is "That's Powerful", a slogan that is also used in other;Verizon assets (Wikipedia, 2014).;10;9;9;9;37;Capabilities;Get It Now (sometimes called GIN in user forums) is Verizon Wireless;implementation of Qualcomm's BREW technology, allowing a user to download and;use applications on a Verizon Wireless Get-It-Now-enabled phone (Wikipedia, 2014).;10;10;7;8;35;Within Get It Now, Verizon has implemented an A-GPS navigation application, VZ;Navigator, that works for the most part like a standalone A-GPS unit (Wikipedia;2014).;8;4;2;8;22;Also within Get It Now/Media Center is V CAST, Verizon Wireless' high-speed;audio, video on demand, and entertainment delivery system (Wikipedia, 2014).;9;6;2;8;25;A subscription-based service which allows access for $9.99 per month for unlimited;song downloads to a person's computer using the VCast with Rhapsody software;(Wikipedia, 2014).;7;5;2;8;22;Backup Assistant is a white-label product that backs up the mobile address books of;Verizon Wireless subscribers (Wikipedia, 2014).;9;4;2;8;23;Competences;Verizon Wireless operates the nation's most reliable and largest wireless voice and;data network, serving 87.7 million customers (Verizon, 2009).;10;9;10;10;39;Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon Communications (NYSE: VZ) and;Vodafone (NYSE and LSE: VOD) (Verizon, 2009).;9;9;10;10;38;Verizon Wireless' ongoing commitment to building the best networks in the country is;essential as the company rolls out its 4G LTE network (Verizon, 2009).;10;9;10;10;39;Activity 3: Firm Infrastructure;Resources;Highly exerienced and visionary leadership;A large number of suppliers that include big names like Samsung, LG, Blackberry;Motorola, Nokia and Palm;9;7;7;8;31;9;7;7;8;31;9;8;7;10;34;9;8;8;10;35;9;4;3;7;23;8;4;4;8;24;8;3;3;7;21;9;8;9;9;35;9;8;8;10;35;9;9;8;9;35;9;8;9;10;36;3;1;10;8;22;This calenders and its events are more valuable to job and local seekers;than customers. Many firms have similar resources so it is not rare and;very imitable. Verizon uses its website and local advertising to exploit;these resources;10;3;9;10;32;Employees are the greatest asset to human resource management.;Many employees can create value by providing the companies services;and meeting customer demand. Many major competitors have;hundreds of thousands of employees. Therefore, this resource not rare;and imitable.;With 150 locations across North America, Latin America, Europe/Middle East/Africa;and Asia Pacific, you'll find opportunities to work with people who share your affinity;for technology (We Are Global).;10;5;10;10;35;We believe that the global operations of Verizon is a tangible asset. In;regards to human resource management, this resource is highly;valuable because it does not limit access to customers. Many;telecommunication firms have a global presence so this resource is not;rare and very imitable.;Capabilities;Verizon offers targeted training to veterans and transitioning soldiers with our Cell;Tech Training Program so they can hit the ground running in a successful career with;us (We Salute You).;10;7;5;10;32;Verizon Wireless uses a Customer Service New Hire Training (NHT) Scorecard to;monitor new hire performance at 30, 60, 90, and 120 days post-training. New hires are;scored on Entire Rep Performance, Quality, First Call Resolution, and Average;Handle Time' (Freifeld, 2012).;8;5;5;8;26;In 2012, Verizon has "990 courses offered as instructor-led classroom sessions, 337;courses offered as instructor-led virtual classroom sessions, and 11,400 courses;offered as online-self-paced modules" (Freifeld, 2012).;8;7;5;10;30;6;3;5;10;24;Continuously impressive financial growth;This is a capability unique to Verizon.;Other providers offer the same capability.;Video and other high-bandwidth services;Customer relationship maangement system that reduces negative interactions and;provide customers only with positive experiences;Startegic global differentiation;Activity 4: Human Resource Management;Resources;Verizon has a calendar of human resource related events including of open house;college recruitment, career fair,and interview sessions (Calendar).;VZLearn is used to deliver online training/assessments, schedule classroom/distance;learning sessions;Competences: publish course catalogs, track participation/learning history, and;provide completion reports (Freifeld, 2012).;Maternity leave, flexible work arrangements, adoption assistance and day care;Verizon is untouchable in the areas of competences.;Verizon is untouchable in the areas of competences.;Verizon is untouchable in the areas of competences.;Imitable but difficult to imitate;A very important resource;Not easily achievable for all;Imitable so score is low;Score low due to presence of competitors delivering similar services;Score low due to presence of competitors delivering similar services;Efficiently managed supply chain provides a disinct competitive;advantage also difficult to imitate;A very important source of competitive advantage;Provides the special benefit of customer loyalty;Generates a distinct advantage in the global market;In 2013, Verion communication has 176,800 employees (Forbes).;At our Call Centers, Retail Stores, Corporate offices and Innovation Centers, there are;many ways to find your fit and grow your career" (We Are Global).;Other providers offer the same capability.;A source of competitive advanage;Competencies;Supply chain management;Quickest to adopt latest technology, always a step ahead of competitors;Other providers offer the same capability.;Other providers offer the same capability.;A diverse pool of highly skilled employees;Capabilities;High efficiency for data services with 4G LTE;High-quality platform for delivering broadband services, streaming;This is a very valuable asset to Verizon. It is what they are known for.;Verizon is organized to provide specialty to veterans and military;recruits. Verizon could be at an advantage. However, many other;major competitors target training to military personnel. This would not;be hard for other competitors to imitate.;This evaluation system is not rare or difficult to imitate. It brings value;to customers by ensuring employee are qualified.;This capability allows employees to customize their training. As a;result, employees will be more receptive to training and thus be a value;to customers.;Verizon's many business units allows it to exploit its resources.;Staffing of these units offers convenience of shopping, customer;service, and information needs related to Verizon.;This capability allows employees to customize their training. As a;result, employees will be more receptive to training and thus be a value;to customers.;This award shows that the corporation as a whole values the mothers;10;3;6;8;27;discounts are just a few examples of the benefits that Verizon offers its employees.;And they're only part of the reason why Verizon has again been named one of the;Working Mother 100 Best Companies for the 13th consecutive years (Thirteen Years;Running).;8;10;7;8;33;Training Magazine, 'Best in Employee Training' is awarded to Verizon as No. 1 in;2012 and 2013, and has made the publications list for 12 years, making it the only;communications company to be in the Hall of Fame. The Training annually rates how;well companies evolve employee development to support business goals(Award and;Recognitions).;10;8;7;10;35;Verizon Wireless training programs strives to achieve four specific goals. They are to;1) motivate employees to learn through incentives, 2) establish training goals that;align with company business objectives, 3) provide a strong combination of training;methods, and 4) ultimately help the company deliver better service to our growing;customer base (Haller).;10;5;4;10;29;Verizon organizes its resources to achieve these goals. As a result, well;trained employees will prove better services to customers. Many;companies have similar goals for their employee needs. However, it is;hard to imitate the specific employee goals Verizon is organized to;achieve.;10;7;5;10;32;Verizon invest in the recruitment of veterans and military personnel to;have an advantage in its work force. It would not be hard to imitate but;many other competitors do not focus on recruiting military personnel;to their labor force.;10;5;4;10;29;10;2;2;10;24;10;5;4;9;28;10;7;6;8;31;Verizon ranked No.2 on the EDGE Best for Vets 2014: Employers List for excellence;in military recruiting and hiring practices (Award and Recognitions).;Activity 5: Technology;Resources;Verizons super-fast 4G LTE network is the most reliable and in more places than any;other 4G the 100% fiber-optic network that powers FiOS, you LTE. level of speed and;Through LTE network. Only Verizons 4G network is 100% get a;Covers over cable of Americans (Verizon, 2014).Verizons super-fast 4G LTE;capacity that 97% can't always compete with (Verizon, 2014).;network is the most reliable and in more places than any other 4G LTE network.;Verizon's global Internet network is one of the most expansive in the world (Verizon;Only Verizons 4G network is 100% LTE.;2014).;Covers over 97% of Americans (Verizon, 2014).;Verizon Digital Media Services is helping businesses manage and distribute their;branded content to audiences globally (Verizon, 2014).;Capabilities;The Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network is the largest in the United States, delivering;service at speeds up to 10 times faster than 3G (Verizon Wireless, 2014).;and caretakers of their labor force. it is rare and not very imitable that;major competitors would make similar investments in to the needs of;this group of the labor force.;Verizon is leading its industry in employee training. As a result;Verizon business goal will be positively impacted by happy customers.;10;9;7;8;34;Verizon's latency, consistent throughput and high reliability are huge advantages for;multimedia communication, media consumption and interactive gaming (Verizon;Wireless, 2014).;10;5;2;8;10;6;2;8;9;10;10;39;9;9;10;10;38;10;10;9;5;10;5;10;9;39;29;Helping the success of businesses.;This is a capability unique to Verizon.;26;10;The largest globally.;25;Verizon Wireless network was built to deliver an unparalleled customer experience;and to be a reliable source of communication during emergencies (Verizon Wireless;2014).;Its the most reliable network.;FiOS is faster than cable.;Competences;Provides a global ecosystem with inherent mobility (Verizon Wireless, 2009).;Creates a platform upon which to build and deploy the products and services of today;and those of tomorrow (Verizon Wireless, 2009).;Reduces cost per bit through improved spectral efficiency (Verizon Wireless, 2009).;Supports real-time applications due to its low latency (Verizon Wireless, 2009).;Other providers offer the same capability but not as well.;Other providers offer the same capability.;Verizon is a leader in this industry.;Verizon has continuing innovation.;Cost effective efficiency.;Responds to the desires of the people.;External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS Table);Identifiers;O1;O2;O3;O4;O5;O6;O7;O8;External Factors;Opportunities;Gen Y's economic prospects will change the workplace.;Growth rate of population is steadily increasing;Use of network communication services to assist in commercial space travel;Invest in automated machines and robots to replace workers.;US GDP is increasing within the next 5 years;Energy Efficiency is increasing in the industry.;The growth rates and revenue over the years shows that the industry is profitable.;Going green is a notation that is increasing in the telecommunitcation industry.;T1;T2;T3;T4;T5;T6;T7;Threats;The speed of aging is rapidly arising.;Unemployment Levels is moderate.;Interest Rates are high.;Cell phone usage while driving.;Usage of cellis highly in school zone. many alternative providers, giving customers a wide choice of;The industry phones competitive, with;suppliers.;Low cost to change providers - competitors in this industry provide the same services.;Weight;Rating;Weighted Score;0.15;0.10;0.01;0.10;0.08;0.10;0.08;0.03;5;5;1;3;4;5;3;3;0.75;0.50;0.01;0.30;0.32;0.50;0.24;0.09;Comments;Younger excutivesincrease, the number of wireless;As the population use more technology, which;means opportunity growth for industry.;customers will increase, providing more;industry opportunity. Trend is now set back due to;Long term opportunity.;recent events.;Establishing resources to accomadate the;Decrease cost of labor power consumption;environment will reduceand human errors. and;Increase consumer spending in this industry.;create energy saving techniques. The are partnered;with energy star.;Industry growth is steady.;Reducing emission and pollution creates a healthier;environment.;0.03;0.10;0.08;0.01;0.01;0.10;0.02;2;2;3;1;1;5;3;0.06;0.20;0.24;0.01;0.01;0.50;0.06;The older population are not as technology savy as;the younger population and may not require the use;of wireless services as much.;Customersposition of Interest rates is unpredictable;The future will spend on only the necessities;andcustomer doesor bad for school zonesapp that;If a may bephone towers in the Industry is;Having cell good not choose to use the;the company provides, other lives not 100 percent;something that the industry is still are at risk.;about.;Consumers have many different options for wireless;services.;Competition is heavy because the cost to switch;providers is fairly low to the cosumers.;1.00;3.79;View Full Attachment;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Max Pages: 2;Level of Detail: Show all work


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