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What are the advantages of applying Agile development solution? What are the




Assignment 1;Complete the following;1. What are the advantages of applying Agile development solution? What are the disadvantages or dangers?;2. Develop a six year NPV spreadsheet similar to one shown in Figure 9-10. Use the table of benefits, costs and discount factors shown in Figure 9-20. Development costs for system were $225,000.;See attachment 1a & 1b;Assignment 2;Figures 11-2 and 11-5 are sample sequence diagrams. Using those figures as an example: Develop a system for the University Library for the use case "Check out books".;Do the following;1. Develop a first-cut sequence diagram, which only includes the actor and problem domain classes.;2. Add the view layer classes and the data access classes to your diagram from part a.;3. Develop a design class diagram based on the domain class diagram and the results of parts a and b.;4. Develop a package diagram showing a three-layer solution with view layer, domain layer, and data access layer packages.;See attachment 2a & 2b;Assignment 3;1. Visit the web sites of Agile Alliance ( and Agile Modeling ( Find some articles or research on project management in an Agile environment. Summarize key points that you think make project management more difficult in this environment than in a traditional, predictive project. Do the same for key points that make project management easier for an Agile project.;Attachments Preview


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