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Biology Lab Mendelian Genetics




Biology Lab Mendelian Genetics;Attachment Preview;Mendellian Genetics.doc Download Attachment;Exercise 2;Determine which of the following observations are testable. For those that are testable;Write a hypothesis and null hypothesis;What would be your experimental approach?;What are the dependent and independent variables?;What is your control?;How will you collect your data?;How will you present your data (charts, graphs, types)?;How will you analyze your data?;1. When a plant is placed on a window sill, it grows faster than when it is placed on a;coffee table in the middle of the living room.;2. The teller at the bank with brown hair and brown eyes and is taller than the other;tellers.;3. I caught four fish at the seven o'clock in the morning but didn't catch any at noon.;2010 eScience Labs, Inc.;All Rights Reserved;4. The salaries at Smith and Company are based on the number of sales and Billy;makes 3,000 dollars more than Joe.;5. When Sally eats healthy foods and exercises regularly, her blood pressure is lower;than when she does not exercise and eats fatty foods.;6. The Italian restaurant across the street closes at 9 pm but the one two blocks away;closes at 10 pm.;7. Bob bought a new blue shirt with a golf club on the back for twenty dollars.;2010 eScience Labs, Inc.;All Rights Reserved;8. For the past two days the clouds have come out at 3 pm and it has started raining at;3:15 pm.;9. George did not sleep at all last night because he was up finishing his paper.;10. Ice cream melts faster on a warm summer day than on a cold winter day.;11. How can you apply scientific method to an everyday problem? Give one example.


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