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Why is compression an important part if digital audio technology?




I have 12 topic questions I need answered;1. Why is compression an important part if digital audio technology?;2. Remixing songs has become popular as a result of the emergence of digital audio technology. Explain why these two trends are related.;3. why is it important to save a creative work in the graphic application's native format? What are the disadvantages of only saving a file in the applications native format?;4. Which two technological factors limit the realism of a bitmapped image? How are these related to the storage of that image in the computer?;5. What are the main disadvantages of hypermedia when compared with conventional media such as books and video?;6. is it possible to have hypermedia without multimedia? is it possible to have multimedia without hypermedia? Explain;7. What is the main advantage of storing a copy of a graphic imGE AS A PDF FILE?;8. Why are TCP/IP's protocols so important to the functioning of the internet? What do they do?;09. What is the relationship between a Web site numerical IP address and it's URL?;10. How does a content management system differ from a basic WYSIWYG web authoring tool?;11. Why is file compression important on the internet?;12. How does push technology differ from standard web page delivery techniques? How is it used?;Additional Requirements


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