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Did you see the movie, ?Groundhog Day??




Did you see the movie, ?Groundhog Day?? I really don?t like Phil Connors but in this film, I must admit that he is great!! Early in the film Groundhog Day, Phil Connors was engaged to a certain extent in what MacIntyre calls a ?practice? by being a meteorologist. As the film progresses, he took up other practices, such as piano playing and ice sculpting. Compare and contrast his engagement with practices in the early and later parts of the film, making reference to MacIntyre?s distinction between internal and external goods and how those are related to the virtues. Even though this takes place in a fantasy scenario, what lessons for our own lives might we learn from this particular theme in the film?;As you work with this question, please remember what ?compare and contrast? means. It is the key to the response to this question.;Lessons: we all learn them - in every thing and every day. So. as you consider the lessons we might take away from this film, think more personally Of course, you do not have to discuss anything too personal here - but please at least take it into consideration.;Thanks


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