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modern day criminal procedure and criminal procedure laws




Saint Leo University Introduction to Law Prof. Barr T & Th: 7-9:30pm;Response Paper #1;Overview;As noted in class and stated in your text book, modern day criminal procedure and criminal procedure;laws were brought about due to the racial discrimination that took place between the freeing of the slaves;after the Civil War up until the 1970s. However, even with all these laws and rules in place to give;persons of color equal protection and justice under the law, there are still cases of racial discrimination;and tension among law enforcement and persons of color.;Students are required to write an opinion paper on the following issue(s);After watching Slavery by Another Name and observing the failure of the criminal;procedure amendments of the US Constitution to be upheld in the documentary, what;role do you believe the ghosts of the past have played in criminal law/enforcement and;race relations today, if any?;THIS PAPER IS YOUR OPINION: Express your thoughts but anything you state as a solid fact (rather;than an opinion), and any figures or quotes should have a source. A strong paper will include a discussion;of what happened in the past (from the documentary, etcetera) and comparison to modern times.;Paper Requirements;Format Content;1. At least 4 pages in length (A title page or name/class header is NOT included in your page;count);2. Paper Title, Course Id, Your Name;3. Introduction;4. Conclusion;5. Paper should be double spaced;6. 1 inch margins;7. Times New Roman 12 point font;8. Justify paragraph format;9. Use APA formatting for Works Cited;10.At least 5 works cited sources.;Paper Due Date: Contract and individual papers are due by September 14, 2014 at 11:59pm. Late;paper/contracts will be deducted accordingly.;Delivery: Email;Link for Documentary:;Grading;Your paper will be graded as follows;No Evidence POOR SUBSTANDARD;Paper Format[1];0;1.0;2.0;GOOD;VERY;GOOD;EXCELLENT;3.0;4.0;5.0;Introduction[2];0;1.0;2.0;3.0;4.0;5.0;Ability to argue both sides[3];0;1.0;2.0;3.0;4.0;5.0;Ability to Express Opinion with;Examples[4];0;1.0;2.0;3.0;4.0;5.0;Conclusion[5];0;1.0;2.0;3.0;4.0;5.0;Grammar & Mechanics[6];0;1.0;2.0;3.;0;4.;0;5.;0;Student stays on task and follows paper;instructions;0;1.0;2.0;3.;0;4.;0;5.;0;FINAL GRADE[7];[1]For a strong grade: Student follows the basic paper format content listed above.;[2] For a strong grade: Strong introduction of topics key question(s), terms. Clearly delineates subtopics to be;reviewed.;[3] For a strong grade: Student clearly identifies and addresses both sides of the situation which they are;discussing.;[4] For a strong grade: Student effective inserts personal recollections and thoughts into his/her paper.;[5] For a strong grade: Strong review of key conclusions. Strong integration with topic. Insightful discussion of;documentary impact;[6] For a strong grade: The paper is free of grammatical errors and spelling & punctuation.;[7] The grade will be the average of the points and divideMin Pages: 4;Level of Detail: Show all work


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