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You have isolated a bacterial transporter




2.;You have isolated a bacterial transporter that transports Mg2+ and Ca2+ in opposite;directions. You produce lipid vesicles that contain this Mg2+Ca2+ pump as the;sole membrane protein. The Mg2+Ca2+ pumps are oriented such that Mg2+ is;pumped into the vesicle while Ca2+ is pumped out. Each pump transports one;Mg2+ ion into the vesicle and one Ca2+ ion out of the vesicle during each pumping;cycle and ATP hydrolysis powers this transport, as illustrated in Figure below.;A.;Predict what would happen if the solution inside the vesicles contained 75;mM Mg2+ and 75 mM Ca2+ ions, while the solution outside the vesicles;contained 75 mM Mg2+ and 75 mM Ca2+ ions as well as 1 mM ATP, and;you had a 10,000 fold excess of fluid outside the vesicles compared with;B.;the volume inside the vesicles. Specifically, be sure to state whether you;think there would be net movement of ions and if so, how the;concentrations of the Mg2+ and Ca2+ ions inside and outside the bilayer;would change. In addition, be sure to state whether you would be creating;an electrical gradient, a chemical gradient, or both.;Explain how long the pump will run.


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