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Ensuring that only authorized users have access to the NOS is critical




1. Ensuring that only authorized users have access to the NOS is critical to an organization?s security. Do you agree?;Taking it a step further, let?s discuss some of the aspects of TCO 10: What is the importance of network groups, and what are some of the security considerations when forming and using groups?;2. What is the most basic unit of an Active Directory environment, and why is it important?;3. Active Directory (AD) is arguably the most critical component of Windows Server 2008, certainly for larger organizations. It enables corporations to manage and secure their resources from a single directory service and with a common interface?a very powerful tool. Because it is so powerful and offers so many features and capabilities, it sometimes can be complex to those looking at it for the first time. This week, we are going to learn about AD in detail, starting with the fundamentals. As we progress during the week, you will begin to see it?s not that intimidating after all. First, though, let?s get the fundamentals down. What exactly is a directory service and what are some examples in industry? Next, let?s get the definition of Active Directory down?what exactly is it and what benefits does it provide? After this, we?ll look at the details on how it is implemented in the business environment.;4. In what ways do you think administering Linux is better than Windows? In what ways is Windows better than Linux? This can be with regard to having to manage a single server or multiple servers.;5. Compatibility and communications with varying operating systems can be challenging in today?s hybrid network environments.;What are some ways to integrate Linux servers into a Windows network to share information?;6. Windows is designed to be administered by people with a variety of backgrounds, whereas Linux expects (and maybe even requires) someone with a technical background. Although support is available for Linux, it can still be a bit more challenging to get support. Can you find some good support sites for Linux? How about for Windows?;7. You?re thinking about starting your own chain of upscale, drive-through espresso stands. You have several ideal sites in mind, and you?ve analyzed the industry and all the important statistics. You have financial backing, and you really understand the coffee market. In fact, you?ve become a regular at a competitor?s operation for over a month. The owner thinks you?re his best customer. He even wants to name a sandwich creation after you. But you?re not there because you love the espresso. No, you?re actually spying. You?re learning everything you can about the competition so you can outsmart them. Is this behavior ethical? Explain your answer.;8. ou are the owner of a small business that provides repair services to various brands of vacuum cleaner units. Your store is independent in that you aren't affiliated with a particular brand of vacuum cleaner. Based on your education and your newly earned undergraduate degree from DeVry University (but, of course), you?re considering expanding your marketing efforts by using social media. You wish to grow your business and feel that this is one area that might assist with your expansion ideas. Based on this information, discuss the use of social media in such a fashion. Use the following questions to further the discussion. Of course, add other questions as you see fit. Remember, if you provide information from other sources, be sure to cite your sources using APA style as your style guide.;What is your overall goal in using social media? Have you used social media on a personal level? If so, how? Were there any problems? How did you get past the problems?;What do you see as the advantages to using social media in a small business? Why?;What do you see as the disadvantages to using social media in a small business? Why?;How do you see integrating the use of social media in your day-to-day operations? Why is this important to consider?;How will you know if your social media efforts are successful? What would be your leading indicators?;If your social media efforts were not successful, what would be your exit plan or exit strategy? Why? How? How long should you wait to know if your efforts are successful?;9. In every class, I hear, social media is the answer to all business/marketing problems....I think it's a tool, but certainly not the sole answer. Thoughts?;10. Do you pay attention to ads on social media?;11. So how would you advertise your business?;12.Do you expect business people to be ethical?;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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