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You have been approached by your former employer who has asked you to consider taking an assignment to analyze a possible building project for a new power plant in Rapides Parish. You are interested in doing the work. What type of arrangement would you want to enter into and what safeguards would you want to have in place?;Now that you have been engaged to perform the work you have been told that the preferred type of power plant is a nuclear reactor. The company has identified three different locations in the area and part of your assignment is to report on the pros and cons of all three sites. Site A is an old "brown" manufacturing site located inside the City limits of Alexandria consisting of approximately 40 acres which is surrounded by low income housing and abandoned buildings. It has convenient access to major thorough fares, one a state highway and the other a federal interstate. THere is ready access to the Red River which is just over the uncertified levees. THere is also the possibility of obtaining water from the City of Alexandria Utility Department which has been locked in litigation with the proposed owners of the plant for the past decade. The current site owner of the "brown" site is a bankrupt entity being managed by a Bankruptcy Trustee. Site B is an old plantation of 1700 acres located in the rural southeastern portion of Rapides Parish with no major infrastructure near it. It has multiple small bayous running through the property which are "blue" line streams for permitting purposes but which will not be sufficient for the water needs of the project independently. This property is owned by an extended who have continuously farmed the property since their ancestors moved here from Belgium. They will be unwilling sellers. Site C is an abandoned disused unfinished area over 1000 acres with multiple gas and oil pipelines running through it. It also has ready access to heavy duty power trunk lines. It is immediately adjacent to the Interstate. The property was purchased last year by the Qatari government's sovereign wealth fund and has an on site Qatari national who is in charge of negotiating all sales of the property. He has let it be known that he is willing to negotiate only with entity who are willing to pay him a "consulting fee" of $50,000.00.;Please prepare comprehensive memoranda on your conclusions and recommendations.


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