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Case Study #3 Read Case 11.1 in Boatright




Case Study #3 Read Case 11.1 in Boatright (pages 247-8) on Merrill Lynch and the Nigerian Barge Deal with Enron. Then, in an essay, 600-800 words minimum, answer the following questions;Try to put yourself in the position of Mr. Daniel Bayly. From the description of the case in the textbook, it appears that the primary concerns of Mr. Bayly and others at Merrill Lynch in considering this deal were economic and legal. Rather than approaching the proposal in these ways, offer an evaluation of the Enron proposal for Merrill Lynch to 'purchase' the Nigerian Barges from a moral point of view. Address the following questions: How would one apply Kantian moral theory to the case? How would one evaluate the case from a utilitarian perspective? What about virtue theory? Is virtue theory relevant to the case? How might it apply? In your discussion attend to the carefully to the facts of the case. Reveal to the reader that you understand the case and have carefully considered reasonable ways in which these moral theories may apply to the case. Next, after having explained how these three moral theories are relevant to evaluating the proposal that confronts Mr. Bayly, discuss the following question: Would a consideration of moral theory have helped Mr. Bayly or other Merrill employees see some of the inherent dangers and problems with Enron's proposal? Would moral theory help you in making a decision in this case?


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