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Packets are destroyed if they get ?lost? and keep traveling the interne




1 Packets are destroyed if they get ?lost? and keep traveling the internet without arriving at a destination.;What is parameter is evaluated to determine whether a packet should get destroyed?;2. What type of telephony control signaling uses the same circuit as the voice traffic?;3. Name the software which sits below the application layer that is responsible for routing application remote;procedure calls to the appropriate server.;4. What class does the IP address belong to?;5. If is the IP address and. is the subnet mask. The subnet number is?;6. If is the IP address and is the subnet mask, name the host ID number.;7. When a router discards packets because it has received packets beyond Its storage capacity, the;router is engaged in an activity called XXXXXXX control.;8. Routers need to know whether their neighboring routers are still alive. This is accomplished by;having routers send periodic messages to each other. What is the name of that message?;9. When the ARP protocol broadcasts an IP address to all nodes on the network the matching node;responds with a ______________address.;10. At the internal level of a data base one describes the ______________architecture of the data base.;11. In the hierarchy of DNS servers what is the name of the server at the top most level of the hierarchy.;12. What layer in the network protocol stack is concerned with ssh connectivity.;13. When streaming video is sent via the internet there is no delivery confirmation. What unreliable;protocol is used in this case.;14. Which layer of the OSI stack is concerned with node to node communication.;15. How many headers are created to transmit a 3 packet message from transport layer to transport layer?;16. The secure socket layer resides above the _______layer and below the ________layer of the TCP/IP stack.;17. Encode the mixed fraction 2 1/32 as an IEEE floating point binary value.;18. The dominant highest quality switching technology for voice networks requires a;connection and a dedicated path.;19. What type of telephony control signaling uses a path entirely independent of the voice traffic.;20. What is the base 10 value of the one?s complement binary integer 11101110?;21. In the OSI network model two layers are concerned with flow control Name those two layers.;22. What type of switching architecture is best able to handle a steady stream of traffic?;23. A ___________circuit is a pre-planned route established for all packets in a packet switched network.;24. In a T1 line the control signals are _______ _____the voice bits?;25. Voice traffic over a packet switched network can experience significant quality deterioration during periods of;high data traffic. What is the solution to this problem?;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work


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