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your expense account allows you to spend $80.00 a day when you are on a trip




8. your expense account allows you to spend $80.00 a day when you are on a trip. If you have a week-long trip to tiny country of Kratvia, where the exchange rate is 3.50 kratvels per dollar, how many kratvels can you spend during the week? (7 days);6. A bicycle has 56cm frame. What is this frame size equal to in inches? (1.00 in = 2.54cm. Note that this equivalence does not limit sig figs in the final answer);7. The speed limit on a road in Mexico is 90 km/hr. What is this speed equivalent to in miles per hour, if 1.00 Km=0.0621 mile?;For the following questions: Give correct significant figures in the answer, using scientific notation if necessary.;1. An empty flask has a mass of 93.625g. the same flask with a 10.00ml sample of water in it has a mass of 103.619 g. Find the mass of the water in the flask.;9. An architect designs a room that has an interior measurements of 50.00 feet by 30.0ft by 10.0 ft. What is the volume of the room in cubic ft?;10. A student measures the mass of a iece of aluminum, and finds it tone 8.945 g. she then finds that the volume of the aluminum sample is 3.3cm^3. If the formula for density is d=mass/volume,find the density of the aluminum sample.;11. A student finds that the mass of a flask is 95.451 g. Her lab partner paces a 10.00 ml sample of an unknown liquid into the flask and re weight it. The mass of the flask plus the liquid is 102.551 g. What is the mass of the liquid?;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 1;Level of Detail: Show all work


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