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MGMT 221;Business Project Proposal;Group Instructions;Your groups assignment is to write a Business Project Proposal for the new small organization you are;about to start. Information Systems is an integral component of your new venture. Use APA format when;writing your paper. Your business proposal should include the following sections;1. Executive Summary (Minimum 1 page);1.1. Write a summary that is well written and has a clear idea of papers organization and structure.;2. Introduction to your Organization and Project (3 to 5 pages);2.1. Discuss and clearly identify the general organizational characteristics, such as a mission, vision;goals and objectives, proposed products or services, organizational structure, expected;revenues, market/industry position, and relevant competitors. All characteristics should be;clearly described and justified with both evidence and examples.;2.2. The introduction should contain a clear description of the competitive strategies you intend to;use to gain a competitive advantage.;2.3. Include a clear description of how information systems will serve your business needs and allow;you gain a competitive advantage. Describe your proposed business processes and the;particular technology or system that you will use to support these business processes.;2.4. Discuss the organization's resources necessary to your business process. This should be an indepth discussion that demonstrates a clear and insightful understanding of the business needs;for your chosen business process.;3. Information Systems Structure Discussion (7 to 10 pages);3.1. The IS Business Foundation: In this section of your paper, describe the proposed information;systems structure in terms of people resources, hardware resources, software resources, data;resources, and network resources. Your discussion should include a thorough and clear;discussion of how a particular IS supports each business process and how each fits into your;organization's overall strategy. An appropriate number of Critical Success Factors (usually 3-5;per process) for the IS-supported business process should be clearly articulated and tied to the;specific IS. The relationship between these CSFs and your organization's overall mission;statement should also be clearly stipulated. You may list your business processes and;supporting information resources in table format.;3.2. Electronic Business and Commerce components: In this section, describe what type of ebusiness and/or e-commerce systems you propose for the project. You may also describe why;you have selected these particular technologies, and what role they will play in supporting your;business goals and objectives.;3.3. Decision Support Systems Components: In this section, describe what type of Decision Support;Systems you propose for the project. You may also describe why you have selected this;particular technology, and what role it will play in supporting your business goals and objectives.;3.4. Developing Business and IT Solutions: In this section, describe your proposed approach to;developing business and IT solutions and how that approach both serves and supports your;business goals and objectives.;3.5. Security and Ethical Challenges: In this section, describe what information systems security;ethical, legal, and privacy challenges your business may encounter and how you envision;encountering them. In addition, any legal and privacy issues arising from the collection and use;of information in this system should be presented clearly.;3.6. Impacts of Information Systems on the Organization, Department, or Business Process: Include;a thorough discussion of how your organization will be impacted by the implementation of this;system is provided.;4. Additional Requirements;4.1. References: Clearly indentify (cite) references provided for facts, research, and other materials;that were not originated by you. All citations and references must be formatted properly;throughout the paper. An appropriate number of references (5 to 7) should be used.;4.2. Inclusion of Figures and Tables: This material is to be integrated throughout Sections 2 and 3: It;should not be a separate or independent section of your paper unless the material is oversized;and in that case may be included in the Appendices.


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