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Factors that influence seed germination.




The following experiment is meant to be designed by you with the beans provided in the kit! You will design and execute an experiment to test several factors that influence seed germination. Whatever your experimental design, be sure to include controls, both positive and negative, and make sure it is reproducible!;Materials;100 Beans;(10) 5 x 8 in. Bags;Permanent marker;Ruler;Procedure;1. Think of 10 - 20 variables that may affect seed germination. Record them in Table 5.;2. From your list of variables in Table 5, select three to test. Form a hypothesis for why each affects seed germination.;3. To germinate the beans, place one folded paper towel, moistened but not soaking wet, into the 5 x 8 inch bag. Place 10 beans in a horizontal line on the paper towel.;4. Use a different prepared bag for each variable tested. Label each bag with the variable being tested.;5. Hang each bag using masking tape in the environment you select.;6. Create a table for your data, including title, units, and any other useful information.;7. Select the appropriate type of graph, and report the data you collected.;8. Write a lab report for this experiment.;Table 5: Experiment 1 Variables;Variable


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