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1. Masud, a high-tech employee of Global Tech, signs a covenant not to compete with the firm in which Masud promises not to work for a competitor of Global if and when he leaves the company's employ for any reason. This promise can be best characterized as;a. Unenforceable since it is a restraint of trade.;b. Unenforceable in most states if Masud is a single-parent and got laid-off through no fault of his own when his job was outsourced to India.;c. Enforceable but only if Global pays Masud severance for six months in accordance with the federal Family Medical Leave Act.;d. Enforceable if the time period and the duration of the covenant are reasonable and Masud had access to confidential proprietary information.;2. Gil sends a letter to Holly in which he falsely accuses her of embezzling. This is defamation if the letter is read by;a. a public figure.;b. any third person.;c. Holly.;d. only Holly's employer or a potential employer.;Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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