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Any more questions you need to know ask me? Read the document attached carefully, If answered to a high standard a good tip will be given. Also use your own words tell a story and reference using Harvard style referencing. Also get near word limits if you go over them it is fine.;Attachment Preview;Ru anti cancer drugs.docx Download Attachment;Also list references in right format at end of summary(as shown below);NB: please not much copy and pasting of papers I want the tutor themselves to use as;much as their own words as possible and reference any information you use.;Abstract;(400 words);Introduction;(500 words);SYNTHESIS;(500 words);Mechanism;(500 words);Key points;Summirsastion of the 6 papers;(3000 words);Transferrin and selectivity;(400 words);Advantages/advantages;(400 words);Conclusion;(600 words);Things to note;It is essential message that you must aim to write a concise;and clearly-worded document.


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