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my doctor only measures medicine in scruples. (old unit of mass) If he prescribed 0.382 scruples of medicine




1. my doctor only measures medicine in scruples. (old unit of mass) If he prescribed 0.382 scruples of medicine, how many milligrams should I ask for at the pharmacy? 1ounce=437.5 grains 1 scruple=20 grains 1ounce=28.35;2. A beverage manufacturer is looking to purchase a new mixing tank to make their soda in. If they need to refill exactly 750,000 bottles each week, and each bottle holds approximately 2.00 liters, how many gallons does the new tank need to be able to hold? report answer in scientific notation. 1 gallon= 3.785;3. A cylinder is filled with gas to a pressure of 4.78x10^7 Pascal, how many psi would this be? Report answer in scientific notation. 1 ATM=14.696 psi 1ATM=760 torr 1 Pascal =0.0075 torr;4. A meteor falls into the earth's atmosphere traveling at 393 meters per second(m/s). What is its speed in miles per hour (mi/h) use the following conversions. (hint: remember that per means division, so m/s means meter divided by seconds);1mi= 1.6093 km 1km=1000m 1hr=60 mins 1min=60 sec;5. The current olympics record for women's 15000.0 meter run is 3.841 minutes. How many miles per hour was this person running?;1mi=1.6093km 1km=1000m 1hr=60mins;6. A 1539cm^3 sample of an unknown substance is found to have a mass of 1.21 x 10^4 grams. Calculate the density for the substance.;7. Calculate the density for an object having a mass of 923.6 grams, a length of 14.23 cm, a width of 8.76 cm, and a thickness of 3.14cm.;8. A titanium machine part has a mass of 87.2Kg. Calculate the volume in millimeters of this part, if the density of titanium is 4.506 g/ml. report your answer in scientific notation to appropriate significant figures. (hint: cannot use kilograms directly);Additional Requirements;Level of Detail: Show all work


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