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To determine the dissociation rate constant (k-1




ExampleFinalQuestion.pdf Download Attachment;23);(8 pts.) Consider the following bimolecular binding interaction between protein A and;protein B;To determine the dissociation rate constant (k-1), the amount of AB complex remaining over time;[AB] could be monitored (a first order process). If the fraction of initial AB complex [AB]o is set as;1, it would be expected to decay over time, ultimately approaching zero as shown in the plot;The following equation would be used to determine k-1;Sketch how this plot would change under the two following;potential experimental problems. Also modify the equation in;each case to account for these aberrant data (be sure to;explain any new terms in your equations);(a) Non-specific complex binding;(b) Stable aggregates between complexes;Copyright UC Regents Davis campus, 2005-12. All Rights Reserved.;May not be re-distributed without prior written consent of course instructor.


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