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UTRITION AND FITNESS PROJECT;Resources;Nutrition and Fitness Project Scoring Guide.;For this assignment, you will submit your daily nutrition and fitness documentation that you filled out in Units 6 through 8, and an analysis of this project. Your analysis should include an introduction, interpretation, and explanation of your experience. Address the following in your analysis;To what extent did you achieve your 3-week goal?;To what extent did you establish diet or exercise habits that you plan to continue?;What did you learn from the experience? Specifically, address how these changes will improve your health and body system with regard to;Bones and muscles.;Heart and lungs.;Digestive system function.;Any other aspects of your health.;Once you are done with your analysis, submit it, along with your nutrition and fitness documentation. Your paper should be between 750 and 1,250 words.;Additional Requirements;Other Requirements: This is my fitness goals;List both your fitness and nutrition goals, and include a description of why you selected these goals.;Everyone has different fitness goals, ranging from generally trying to stay active to viewing fitness as a lifestyle. Followings are my fitness and nutrition goals;Fruits and Vegetables: Research shows that eating the fruits and vegetables decreases risk of health ailments like high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and type2 diabetes. Therefore, in orfer to make myself healthy, I selected this goal;Healthy Fats: I have learned that unsaturated fatsreduce inflammation in our bodies, which is connectedto lower disease danger and better disease management. That?s why, I planned to uptake the high amount of unsaturated fats.;Intaking Protein in the Morning: I am very much conscious about my body health. As we know thatprotein keeps us full and energized and our bodiescontinuously use this cell-building substance. Many scientific studies indicated that people who balance their protein allocation throughout the day are more successful at maintaining a vigorous weight.;Improvement of Culinary Skills: I personally believe that some bare-bones cooking skills are necessary to live a healthy lifestyle. If we depend on restaurants too much, we will not only likely over-consume calories, but we would also be spending far too much money on food. Therefore, I planned to learn various culinary skills in order to minimize the dependence on others.;Identify the expected results. How will these changes improve your overall health? What body systems will be impacted?;Through the strict self control, I will find a healthy body as well as healthy mind in few days of starting these above mentioned activities. Regular consumption of fruits, vegetables and healthy fats will make me resistant against various alignments such as high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. The learning and improvement of culinary skills will make me independent to others and I a sure through this practice, I will be able to care myself perfectly.;Identify more resources to help you sustain positive changes. Include at least one additional Web resource (this can be one of the Web sites provided in this unit's studies) or other resource you feel will be useful as you work toward your goals. Other resources may include articles, a workout friend, or a workout trainer. What do you think might be helpful about this resource?


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