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"Chronic Health Issues and the Public Workplace"




1) "Chronic Health Issues and the Public Workplace" Please respond to the following;Analyze the issues involved in controlling costs for disabled and chronically ill employees. Discuss two major challenges and recommend two strategies your agency will implement.;2)"Public Employees' Liability for Constitutional Torts" Please respond to the following;A) Debate It: Take a position for or against this statement: Public sector employees charged with offenses outside of the workplace should be held accountable and liable for their actions ? written reprimand, administrative leave, or dismissal from public service. Provide two reasons and examples to support your position.;B) Hypothesize a situation in which a public administrator or employee should have the constitutional right to disobey a directive ordered by a superior. Provide at two reasons and examples to support your position.;Additional Requirements;Min Pages: 2;Max Pages: 3;Level of Detail: Show all work;Other Requirements: These are two seperate discussion questions. Please answer then as such.


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