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CHAPTER 6 ? IMPROVING PERFORMANCE AND CONTROLLING THE CRITICAL CYCLE;QUESTIONS;1. What is the essential difference between controlling and control mechanisms?;2. Explain the concept of the Six Sigma strategies. Give examples with your answer.;3. What is the potential weakness at the heart of the process of benchmarking, when we compare our performance or results against those of another organization?;4. Why can we legitimately say that a considerable part of the manager?s job is cyclic? What particular cycle are we referring to here?;5. What are the tools of control referred to in the text? Explain the use of each.;CHAPTER 7 ? BUDGETING: CONTROLLING THE ULTIMATE RESOURCE;QUESTIONS;1. Describe the budget process. In what respects is a budget both a planning mechanism and a control tool?;2. Explain why capital expense is planned and accounted for in a budget of its own, separate from the operating budget.;3. What is the defining difference between a direct expense and an indirect expense? Give examples of a direct expense and indirect expense with your response.;4. Describe the use of over-aim or contingency planning as used in budget preparation. Evaluate the use of each in the budget preparation process.;5. What is the department manager?s role in identifying, explaining, and acting upon budget variances?


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