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1. Explain and discuss the following statement in reference to the generation gaps in todays;business world: A manager today has to be more a team leader and facilitator than a;traditional command and control person. Management guru, Peter Drucker, further;said Im not comfortable with the word manager anymore, because it implies;subordinates;2. How can businesses foster the proper level of ethics awareness within their own;organization? In other word: what steps do you take to foster an ethics at work attitude?;3. We have been discussing in class a large array of current issues confronting Managers in;todays business world (i.e leadership, total quality management, affirmative action;diversity, human resource strategy, technological change, globalize competition, business;ethics, outsourcing, empowerment, environment, cultural differences and etc). These;issues are forcing a new management style on todays way of doing business. Give a brief;description of some of the elements that should characterize this new management.;4. Jim Collins, the best selling author of Good to Great and Build to Last, recently spoke on;building great organizations. He said it all starts with 100% of your key seats filled with;the right people. Comment on the steps that a leader/ manager might take in hiring and;keeping the right people.;5. Gordon Graham, a strong advocate of the use of Risk Management has stated that;every unfortunate event that challenges management can be predictable and preventable.;How might a successful risk management process be implemented?;6. Some business owner/managers make a statement similar to, Were too busy to bother;with strategy. We have to take care of the present. What might be wrong with this;reasoning and define strategic Management and explain why it is important?


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