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Write an essay for the CASE STUDY of the American Bison




Hello! I need help writing a case study for my Conservation Biology class.;Here are the instructions from the teacher;Write an essay for the CASE STUDY of the American Bison. Some reading material has been provided in the Reading Materials section of the Lesson for this week. You are expected to conduct further research on this topic and prepare a 3-5 page analysis of the issues as they relate to conservation biology.;Be sure to answer the following questions;1) Describe the basic facts about the demise of the American bison and why it happened;2) How does the story of the American bison link to this week's topic of economic valuation of species?;3) Why is its preservation controversial?;4) What actions should be taken to preserve it and why?;Include a final paragraph describing what you learned and why this species and controversy are important.;Remember to cite your work properly and to use scientific facts and data to support your work. In other words, I expect at least 5 cited sources to be used, including, at a minimum, three published journal articles as references.;I'm willing to pay for the entire essay or even just an outline that I can work off of. I also have 7 other case studies I am interested in getting help from. I'll take any help I can get. Thanks!!


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