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Alzheimers,Schizophrenia,Multiple sclerosis,Huntington'sDisease,Autism,orBiPolarDisorder,AttentionDeficitDisorder




Discussion 3;please help me with the attached question.;Attachment Preview;Discussion 3.docx Download Attachment;Discussion 3 (cont application 2);Review the case study you developed for this weeks Application Assignment and analyze its;key points.;Develop a summary of your case study. Include the following in the summary;Application Topics: Alzheimers,Schizophrenia,Multiple sclerosis,Huntington'sDisease,Autism;orBiPolarDisorder,AttentionDeficitDisorder;1) The type and severity of the chosen disease.;2) The risk factors(modifiable and non-modifiable) for developing the disease (genetic;environmental, lifestyle, etc.);3) The management the condition (i.e., frequent testing, alternative health approaches;significant decisions);4) The level of success derived from treatments and therapies;Post a summary of your findings. 250 word paragraph. Include reference page and in-text;citation.


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