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Climate change, humans, and the extinction of the woolly mammoth




using each of these sources. would you be able to write a paragraph for each source using quotes from the sources, talking about the mammoth extinction and the type of source it is i.e primary, secondary, bias, unbias, reputable..?;Citations;Nogu?s-Bravo, David, et al. "Climate change, humans, and the extinction of the woolly;mammoth." PLoS biology 6.4 (2008): e79.;Haynes, Gary. "The catastrophic extinction of North American mammoths and;mastodonts." World Archaeology 33.3 (2002): 391-416.;Grayson, Donald K., and David J. Meltzer. "Clovis hunting and large mammal extinction;a critical review of the evidence." Journal of World Prehistory 16.4 (2002): 313-359.;Stuart, Anthony J. "The extinction of woolly mammoth (Mammuthus;primigenius) and straight-tusked elephant (Palaeoloxodon antiquus) in;Europe." Quaternary International 126 (2005): 171-177.;Martin, Paul S. "The discovery of America." Science 179.4077 (1973): 969-974.


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