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You are to explain all the physiological responses




Direction: You are to explain all the physiological responses, based on what we;covered this semester for the scenario given below. This should be written in APA;format. There are no limitations to how many pages you are allowed to complete;this in, however, it should be short, sweet, and simple, yet thoroughly covering;everything we mentioned in class this semester. Do not add new information;outside of what we learned in class. Turn in a typed hard copy on the day of the;final before examination is distributed. No papers will be accepted after this;time.;Scenario;Sally was home and just had a huge meal. All of a sudden, she looks out the window;and sees a T-rex looking directly at her. Describe in detail what physiological;responses she is undergoing the moment she sees the T-rex. You should include;visual pathway along with sensation and perception, neural integration, down to;motor neuron processes and muscle contraction. You should also include gene;transcription and translation of neurotransmitters in the motor output.;(don't necessarily need you to do the assignment for me, need some pointers at where to start, how to start and what should i concentrate on.);would be willing to pay $35-50 depending on how much help I can receive


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