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Acts of Aggression Television Program




This week, you will watch 30-minutes of one of the following three types of programs on a major network: a children?s morning or after-school cartoon, a prime-time program, and the network news. Your task is to watch your selected program carefully and code the various acts of aggression and related incidents. While watching the program, code the content for various scenes of physical or verbal aggression or related issues using the following coding system. In the column, keep track of the number of violent incidents and aggressive acts, both physical and verbal, shown in your program.;Acts of Aggression Television Program;1)Physical assaults that involve using a weapon or object;2)Physical assaults that do not involve a weapon or object;3)Verbal threats of harm;4)Insults or derogatory remarks;5)Violent deaths;Accidents in which someone is hurt;Review your findings and calculate the number of the various incidents for each category of program. Post your results.


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