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Reproductive Case Histories




Questions regarding reproduction case study;Attachment Preview;Reproduction Case Study 1120 (1) (1).doc Download Attachment;Biol 1120 Anatomy and Physiology;Reproductive Case Study;Name;Reproductive Case Histories;Parents were concerned about their 16-year-old son for the following reasons: he had no;deepening of his voice, scanty pubic and axillary hair growth, absence of beard and;mustache growth, small penis, poor muscular development, and psychosocial immaturity.;Laboratory evaluation indicated the following;Serum testosterone 100 ng/dL;Sperm count;10 million/mL semen;The following tests were performed;Clomiphene (a nonsteroidal, weak estrogen agonist that stimulates the release of;gonadotropins) 100 mg/day for seven days: 0% increase in LH (50% is normal);Gn-RH (100 g I.V.): 0% increase in LH in twenty minutes (300% is normal);HCG (5000 I.U., I.V.): 50% increase in plasma testosterone one to three days;after injection;This person was subsequently treated with FSH at 25-75 U three times/week and HCG as;described above. Sperm count and testosterone levels were both near normal after two;months of treatment, and primary and secondary sex characteristics appeared.;1. What is the endocrine disorder in this individual?;2. Is this a primary or secondary disorder? Why?;3. Why is HCG used in the treatment?;4. Why would both FSH and HCG be needed in the treatment?;View Full Attachment


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