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What does DDL stand for? List the SQL DDL statements.




7.1 What does DDL stand for? List the SQL DDL statements.;7.2 What do es DML stand for? List the SQL DML statements.;7.3 Explain the meaning of the following expression: IDENTITY (4000, 5).;For this set of Review Questions, we will create and use a database for the Review;Wedgewood Pacific Corporation (WPC) that is similar to the Microsoft Access;database we created and used in Chapters 1 and 2. Founded in 1957 in Seattle;Washington, WPC has grown into an internationally recognized organization. The;company is located in two buildings. One building houses the Administration;Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources departments, and the second houses the;300 Part 3 Database Implementation;Production, Marketing, and Information Systems departments. The company database;contains data about employees, departments, projects, assets, such as computer;equipment, and other aspects of company operations.;The database will be named WPC and will contain the following four tables


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