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Scenario: You and your group are members of the Communications Student Society




Scenario;You and your group are members of the Communications Student Society at UFV. Samantha Pattridge, the Communications department head, has asked you to help her out with a problem that is closely related to the club's operations. The current club meeting room, D232 (the Communications Resource Room) holds only 14 people, but the student club has grown to over 20 members. Finding a new space for regular meetings, group study times, and social events is imperative, but, as Samantha writes to you, she is very busy conducting the Communications program review this term and does not have time to investigate the options available.;Your job is to write her a problem-investigation report that outlines the pros and cons of various other meetings spaces on campus (any of Abbotsord, Mission, or Chilliwack CEP). You need to provide her with at least three viable alternative spaces, and you should also identify any possible issues (such as possible time limitations, computer equipment availability, food restrictions, costs, etc. - use your own judgement here and don't simply copy my suggestions). You are NOT supposed to choose one option over the others. Instead, you are providing enough information so that Samantha can make an informed choice herself.;Tips;Here are some tips to keep in mind;Each group member must contribute to the writing in the report.;Your report must contain at least one table and one figure.;You will have the opportunity to evaluate your team members' performance on this assignment as part of the grade (separate from the collaboration and leadership grade, which applies to work over the entire term).;You may use any collaborative writing software you like, either within or outside of Blackboard.;Each group will submit only one report.;If you have team members on campus, they can go to various possible rooms in person to report on them, or you can find lots of information on the UFV website under Facilities, Room Bookings, and campus planning pages. You should not need to ask UFV faculty or staff questions about the locations.;Make sure your background outlines the criteria for a good meeting location and clearly identifies the problem - this report will be kept on file in the Communications office as evidence supporting the eventual decision that is made.;The textbook example problem-investigation report groups the findings under one body section - please don't do this! You should divide your report's body into various sections that are identified with headings for easy access.


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