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You work at Harvard University at the Cancer Research Center




I need this question answered;You work at Harvard University at the Cancer Research Center. You are studying prostate cancer among different races. You survey 500 men, aged 50-70. Your participants include 100 Irish-Americans, 100 Asian-Americans, 100 African-Americans, 100 Native-Americans, and 100 Cuban-Americans. You record the percentage in each race who developed prostate cancer and obtained the following results: 15% from the Irish-Americans, 17% from the Asian-Americans, 32% from the African-Americans, 9% from the Native-Americans, and 19% from the Cuban-Americans. From those that developed the cancer, you also recorded the percentage that died within 5 yrs of post-diagnosis. You found that 44% died in the Irish-Americans group, 7% from the Asian-Americans, 3% from the African-Americans, 37% from the Native-Americans, and 31% from the Cuban-Americans.;1. What type of study is this (experimental vs. correlational) and why?;2. What are the IV(s) and DV(s)?;3. What can you conclude based on the reported findings?;4. How might you improve upon this study if you were to do a follow-up?


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