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Immune and Endocrine System Worksheet




Having trouble with this crossword puzzle. I don't get what some of them are saying....;Attachment Preview;week 7.docx Download Attachment;BIOS140 iLab #7: Immune and Endocrine System Worksheet;Name: [Insert Your Name Here];Complete and submit the following crossword puzzle. Have fun! The total lab is worth 20 points.;1H;2;3;4P;U;A;N;C;R;E;A;S;R;O;N;5;M;O;6A;D;R;E;N;A;L;I;N;7E;8;A;9I;L;N;11 G;O;I;T;E;T;10 E;R;F;R;Y;E;12 P;I;T;U;I;T;A;R;14 O;X;Y;T;O;C;I;N;17;1BIOS140 iLab #7: Immune and Endocrine System Worksheet;13;15;16;4;ACROSS;Endocrine gland that produces;hormones involved in blood sugar level;regulation;1;DOWN;Immune response generated by B cells;6;Another name for epinephrine;2;8;Physical barrier against pathogen;3;9;Produced in response to viral infection;5;11;12;Type of dietary hypothyroidism;Endocrine gland that is referred to as;the master gland;Stimulates contraction of uterus;6;7;Result of overproduction of growth;hormone;A hormone involved in promoting uterine;lining growth;10;Produced in response to increased blood;sugar levels;Produced in response to increased blood;calcium levels;Endocrine gland that produces sex;hormones;Reaction between antigen and antibody;A hormone involved in the fight-or-flight;response;Type of hormone that can bind to an;intracellular receptor;The bodys natural painkiller;13;Antimicrobial chemical in tears;16;Substance that evokes the production of;antibodies;14;15;17;8;2BIOS140 iLab #7: Immune and Endocrine System Worksheet


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