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Prepare and submit a research paper, first screening




FORMAT FOR TERM PAPER;Prepare and submit a research paper, first screening it through Turnitin. Then post it to the;BlackBoard discussion board for week 9 by the end of Wednesday, Dec. 10, 2014 (midnight;CST). Also, email a copy of the paper to the instructor by the same deadline. There is a 5-point per;day late penalty.;Prepare the paper using the American Psychological Association (APA) format, this format is;described in detail in the APA publication Manual. Grading will stress content, analysis, and style.;Seek to creatively apply leadership theory. The paper work must be more than a mere review of;facts and articles. It must demonstrate reasoning, by applying at least three relevant theories and;models together to analyze the topic.;The paper must be at least 10 pages in length, plus any (optional) Appendices, it must correctly;cite and use at least 10 references, NOT counting the textbook. ALL cited sources must appear;both within the body of the text and in the References list. NOTE: for an A grade, the paper;must use articles from at least 2 first tier journals or books, such as those in the SUGGESTED;READING list. Many of these periodicals are available on line from the Troy University Library.;Here is a suggested outline.;TITLE PAGE;ABSTRACT -- Limit to one page.;INTRODUCTION -- Short! Explain why the topic is important! Include objectives of the paper.;LITERATURE REVIEW;ANALYSIS -- Apply the models, make inferences, draw conclusions.;DISCUSSION -- Discuss the implications of your findings above, especially for managers.;CONCLUSION Restate your conclusions and sum up, in about one half page;REFERENCES;APPENDICES (optional);In choosing a topic, avoid shallow, insipid generalities (e.g., the importance of leadership).;Choose a topic of current importance that has not been already overdone. Also, where possible;exemplify your concepts and conclusions by consistently referring to a single, real, focal leader.;(Avoid US Presidents and generals.) Here are some suggestions;The burnout of leaders;Leadership, power, corruption;Followership;LMX in relation to other theories;Removal of leaders;Substitutes for leadership;Cross cultural leadership;Non-traditional - native tribes, organized crime


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