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There is some debate about what makes something a mass medium.




There is some debate about what makes something a mass medium. Over the course of this semester, we will be studying the major mass media industries (books, newspapers, magazines, sound recordings, radio, television, movies, the Internet, and electronic gaming). That doesn't mean these are the only mass media. Some would argue that articles of clothing are mass media because they carry messages to a widespread audience. Others would say product packaging (soda bottles, cereal boxes, and even ball-point pens) are also mass media because they deliver messages to millions of audience members across the country. Almost anything could be considered a mass medium, if it delivers a message (such as the advertising message/company name on the side of a pen) to a public audience. This is key: mass communication is sometimes referred to as public communication. For something to be considered a mass medium, it must be publicly accessible.;Some might argue that direct mail is not a mass medium because only those on a select mailing list receive the message. Others counter-argue that this is no different than say a subscriber list for a magazine. In rebuttal, though, even if you're not a subscriber, you might still be able to pick up a magazine in a grocery store, whereas you don't "pick up" a piece of direct mail at your local food mart.;Some might argue the cell phone is a mass medium, others say it's a device, like a computer, that gives you access to the Internet (which is a mass medium), but in and of itself is not a mass medium.;It's also important not to confuse the message with the mass medium. For example, although photography might be considered a medium, it's not a mass medium, photographs are the messages (information) that are being delivered. A photograph cannot reach a widespread audience in a variety of locations unless it's published in a magazine, or posted on the Internet.;Communication theorists even argue about what is or isn't considered a mass medium. What do you think? Respond to the following;? Do you think the media listed below should be considered mass media?;? For each medium support your response with at least THREE reasons why or why not, using the definitions provided in your text and at the beginning of this lecture.;1) Cell phones;2) Billboards;3) A bottle of Poland Spring water


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